What to Expect

BYU Women's Cross Country team trains
in Park City 
for the annual Preseason Camp in late August 
Daily Workouts
If you come on scholarship to BYU you will be expected to practice with the distance team for around 3 to 5 hours a day, 5 days a week.

As part of your training you take part in additional strength and conditioning work loads. If you don't feel you're strong enough, don't worry. I'll help you reach your potential. I'll let you know what your mileage should be during the summer before you arrive, so that will help you prepare.

You'll be amazed at how quickly you attain levels of fitness and performance that you hadn't even known were possible. We don't train or compete on Sunday's. That extra day of rest makes a difference for your body's ability to recover from competition
or difficult workouts.

When You Will Arrive for Training

We have a pre-season camp in Park City the third or fourth week in August. It's a lot of hard work mixed with a lot of good food and fun, including our annual talent show put on be each class from incoming freshman, to seniors and beyond.

When You'll Be Competing
We participate at the Division I level which is the highest level of sports competition at the university level. Division 1 school like BYU are also permitted to give the largest number of sports scholarships.

Cross-country season is from late August when we have our preseason camp. Competition is from September to November.

Indoor track competition is from January to March.

Outdoor track is from March to June.

National Cross Country Championships are in November. 
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