Your 5 Step Application Checklist
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I've tried to make this as simple for you as possible. Hundreds of girls have done this before you, so you can do it! You may have a lot of questions for me as you go through these steps. Contact me as often as you need along the way. Believe me, I'm used to getting a lot of emails, texts, and phone calls. This is all part of what I do, year-round. Remember: one step at a time.

1. Fill out the BYU application.
  • Here is the link so you can apply online. You will see a page that describes the BYU Honor Code, which was created by students 
  • After you've read and agree to live by the honor code, you will be taken to the application page 
  • You will see three choices for logging in. Click Create Net ID 
  • Write down your username and password! It's a pain to try and recover them. 
2. Take either the SAT or ACT aptitude test if you have not yet attended university.
Take whichever is available in your area. Note: If you a transferring university student you will take the ACT once you arrive at BYU.
3. Register with the NCAA Clearing House. 
There will be a small fee to do this.
  • Here is the NCAA Clearing House link
  • You'll need to create a username and password. There will be a small fee to register
  • send your transcripts to the NCAA Clearing House by express mail. 
  • Contact the ACT or SAT testing center and have them send your scores to the NCAA Clearing House.  
4. Take the TOEFL test if your schooling was not in English
5. Apply for and pick up your Student Visa. You can’t do that until all the above steps have been completed. 
Once you have completed all these steps, BYU will send your information to the American Embassy. You will then go personally to the American Embassy to get your student visa.
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