What if I'm not sure?
Come over for one year to train at altitude and be part of our parade of stars to find out. I've had dozens of athletes who had the exact same question before transferring to our rock-solid, history making program at BYU. And you know what? They ended up receiving funding, shoe contracts, and making national teams. Another year of university studies can only help your career prospects. Sometimes a change is all it takes to re-energize you and get you back on track, or take it to the next level. I'd be happy to let you know if you're ready. Start the conversation with me.

Am I good enough to be on your team?
The only way to know if you can take your training to the next level is to talk with someone who can give you an objective viewpoint. Email me now. I'll be honest and objective with you. I can also let you know what to expect if you come to BYU. I'll answer your questions, however small they might be.

What's in it for me?
In this new change of environment in taking your training to the next level, you'll get great medical care, state-of-the art physio, and scientifically-based training. Come over and change your focus from where it is now, to getting world-class coaching from someone who has taken his teams to four National Championships, coached six Olympians, and helped 49 athletes earn All-American citations.

What does it take to qualify?
The best thing I can tell you is to get in touch with me and find out. I'll be able to tell you right away.

What if I can't keep the honor code at BYU?
That's what other athletes I've coached have said in the past. They liked their coffee and didn't want to give up the occasional glass of wine or going out for a draught of Robinson's Squash with friends. But they were all able to do it. And you know what? They were amazed at how they were able to excel in their performance. Email me to discover why it's a good idea to do this. I'll be happy to share stories and experiences of our National Championship Team athletes who benefited from adopting this lifestyle change.
  • If you want to find out how really good you can be, you may be interested to know there are some proven negative effects to performance that come from coffee, tea, alcohol, and clearly from tobacco and drugs.
  • Why not be willing to give up those things for the short time you're here to find out what you have to gain?
Can you tell me about other stateside university programs and coaches?
I'm on a very friendly basis with all the coaches at the National *NCAA level. (I helped develop the USATF Coaching Program and taught many of them.) I will gladly share the best of what I know about any given program, geographic location, culture, or coach. I believe in speaking well of all whom I meet. If there are any concerns I think you should be aware of with regards to your personal situation, I will be honest with you, yet maintain integrity with regards to my associates.

* (NCAA stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association.) The NCAA Championship is the award every American university team hopes to win, whether it's Cross Country, Football, or Basketball and so on. BYU has won it four times and been in the Top Ten nine years in a row. That's a really big deal. We've also been in the Top Twenty 22 times. We get pretty amazing athletes here, and they are each helped by training at altitude.

Where is BYU?
Utah Lake | ProvoAirPhotoNa.com
Bridal Veil Falls
Photo Utah County CVB
Stadium of Fire at BYU
Photo Utah County CVB
Robison Track Field Lower Left
Timpanogos Cave
Photo Utah County CVB
Zion's National Park
"The Subway"
Photo Howard A. Knudson
BYU is in Provo, Utah, located at an ideal training elevation of 5,000 feet. Provo is consistently ranked among the top 20 places to live in the United States according to the annual Money Magazine ranking. It has been among the top in the nation in least stressful cities, healthiest cities for women, cities with the most outdoor fun, cities with best population for high-growth companies and cities with the lowest crime rate.

Provo is also a major gateway to six national parks, seven national monuments, two national recreational areas, six national forests and 44 state parks. Museums and the arts and many other opportunities are available in Utah Valley. These are just a few reasons why many have come to see for themselves what Provo has to offer for them and the whole family.

Provo is located 44 miles south of Salt Lake City in Utah County. Utah Valley is bordered on the east by the Wasatch Mountains and on the west by the Oquirrh Mountains. Elevation ranges between 4,300 and 4,700 feet above sea level, with mountain peaks reaching up to 11,926 feet. Utah Lake, the largest fresh water lake in the state, is located in the western part of the county near Provo.
The Utah Valley enjoys a moderate climate and has four distinct seasons. Low humidity and a lot of sunshine are two favorable aspects of Utah's weather. In fact, sunny skies prevail an average of 237 days a year.
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