Olympians I've Coached

Maggie Chan, Hong Kong
Henry Marsh
Carey May Edge
from Ireland
I've coached four female Olympians, in addition to Henry Marsh and Ed Eyestone. It's been a real privilege for me, because each athlete has their own special story.

I'll share one with you here about Henry Marsh, one of the greatest U.S. steeplechasers of all time.

He burst onto the international scene in 1976 when he was second at the NCAA meet, second at the Olympic Trials and 10th at the Olympic Games. Marsh was to be on three more Olympic teams and overall, represented the U.S. 19 times in international competition. He was world ranked a dozen times and was top ranked in 1981, 1982 and 1985. He was the top ranked U.S. steeplechaser 10 times. He was the 1979 Pan American Games champion and was also on the 1983 and 1987 World Championship teams. He's a good friend, a great man, and practices as an attorney at present. If you were to ask me what my favorite event to coach is to this day, it's still the steeplechase.
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