"But Am I Good Enough?"

See how good you can get. 
BYU Has Won Four National Championships
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Do you want to study at the university level as an undergraduate student just out of high school, or as a graduate student? If your athletics performance or potential shows me that you're good enough to be on my team, you can be here by the end of summer in time for our Pre-season Camp, just before beginning Cross Country season in preparation for our National
competition in November.

There are only a few outstanding universities in the United States that provide you with the highest level of academic study combined with national-level competitive running opportunities and plenty of chances to travel to different parts 
of the US.

WARNING: There are many universities that provide you with good academics but no chance to reach your potential in athletics, which means wasted effort and disappointment. Do your research. As much as I would like to have you on our team, I also know the wisdom of giving objective information based on your personal needs. So if you feel comfortable having that conversation with me, please feel free.

Want to know how good you can be?
I'll be happy to discuss your performance history and potential with you. I also want to make sure you're aware of the single most common mistake athletes and coaches make.

Email me at patrick_shane [at] byu [dot] edu so we can start the conversation. I'm known for my low-key recruiting style, so I hope you feel at ease knowing I'll be providing you with facts and perspective based on my experience, and giving you the bottom line. I'd want the same thing if I were in your shoes.

You can receive an athletic scholarship for women's cross country at BYU if you are at the right level.
In order to receive the highest scholarship offer from BYU, it is important that you do your best to participate when you can in national tournaments in the time prior to coming to America. This will show me you have the drive to compete at a high level.

If you are already competing at a national level then you have a great chance of receiving a full  scholarship from BYU. I look at an athlete's potential. I've learned from experience that an athlete's performance can be boosted tremendously with my intensive training methods. I will look at your competition times, any video you might have, photos when I set out to determine your ability and potential.

To find out if you have what is takes to be given a cross country scholarship and compete with our team at BYU, fill out this Get in Touch form.

What to Expect
If I give you a scholarship you are expected to practice with the distance team for up to 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. As part of your training you take part in additional strength and conditioning work loads. If you don't feel you're strong enough, don't worry. I'll help you reach your potential. I'll let you know what your aerobic training load should be during the summer before you arrive, so that will help you prepare. You'll be amazed at how quickly you attain levels of fitness and performance that you hadn't even known were possible.

When You'll Be Competing
As a distance athlete, you begin cross-country season in early September. We have a pre-season camp in Park City the third or fourth week in August. It's a lot of hard work mixed with a lot of good food and fun, including our annual talent show put on be each class from incoming freshman, to seniors and beyond. 

Indoor track competition is from January to March.

Outdoor track is from March to June.

We participate at the Division I level. National Championships are in November. If you haven't seen the rest of the website, you'll be interested to know that BYU has won four national championships in cross country, and our distance team for indoor and outdoor track is a dominant force.
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