Train at Altitude: Live High, Train High

At 5,000ft altitude here in the high mountain elevation of Utah, you'll do work loads that scientifically target energy systems specific to your race. We train in the surrounding mountains at higher elevation as well.

Elevation Facts: Live High Train High. Compete Low.

It's likely that you have trained at low elevations. If you've ever competed at higher elevations and been left gasping for breath, you'll understand that training at elevation (altitude) gives you a huge competitive advantage. I feel that altitude training is basically legalized blood doping. If you want to come to the states to train, think seriously about going to a school at sea level. You don't want to be disappointed when you travel to high altitudes to compete, and run poorly because of your oxygen levels.

Read the simple explanation from Eric Wong below to see the science behind my statement:

"Altitude training is based on the premise that when you’re at altitude, there’s less oxygen in the air, making exercise a lot harder. The higher you go, the less oxygen there is, the harder exercise is.

Because of this, it’s theorized that altitude will force your body to adapt increase your red blood cell (RBC) count and thus improving aerobic performance, delaying onset of anaerobic energy production and improving recovery. The bottom line is that…
More Red Blood Cells = More Oxygen 
(to feed your working muscles)
Notice the larger volume of red blood cells
due to Intermittent Hypoxic Training
(altitude training)
This is important – remember it, you’ll need this knowledge later. This is the theory, anyway, but lucky for us, it’s been rigorously tested by scientists from around the world.

Some cool sports science history – altitude training gained huge popularity after the Olympic Games in 1968 which were held in Mexico City. Mexico City is at an altitude of 2300 m, so for those athletes who weren’t prepared for this, it was a huge shock and the exercise physiologists were put to work to figure out how to use this to their advantage.

Now, as mentioned in the Altitude definition above, there are 3 main combinations of altitude training that have been studied: Live High Train High, Live Low Train High and Live High Train Low."
Thanks, Eric!
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